Tummy Tuck Salt Lake City

Tummy Tucks and Six Packs

For those nearing middle age, six packs and flat abs are a thing of the past. Some probably have given up hope of ever seeing muscle definition around the stomach.

This is especially true for women who’ve had multiple children. There may be skin that sags a little bit, or just some really stubborn parts of the stomach that won’t go away no matter how hard you try, with crunches, running and more. Often pregnancy will split the stomach muscles as they try and accommodate the baby bulge. A tummy tuck, done by a board certified plastic surgeon, will include the tightening of these muscles if needed.

Other people have dealt with serious weight gain, and serious weight loss. This also stretches the skin, meaning that the abdomen isn’t looking very attractive anymore. Some people try creams and nonsurgical techniques to try and tighten the skin and regain some definition in the stomach. Is a tummy tuck a good route to take to get some definition back in the stomach muscles?

The bottom line is that a tummy tuck isn’t going to give you a Jet Li six pack. In fact, the tummy tuck is meant to give you a slimmer, more attractive appearance, and not a muscly one.

That said, tummy tucks do tighten the skin around the abdomen, meaning that you will look fitter. The bulges and the muffin tops decrease dramatically. This change is what gets patients at Nuvista Plastic Surgery so excited about tummy tucks, rather than the sudden appearance of a six pack.

Tummy tucks are a trusted and safe plastic surgery procedure. Furthermore, it is effective at giving you back the appearance that you want. It can be a huge boost for those who’ve suffered with sagging skin from dramatic weight loss or pregnancy.

Often, tummy tucks are combined with liposuction to give the best results. Come talk to Dr. Petersen to see what type of cosmetic surgery for the abdomen might be best for you. He may suggest Coolsculpting, which is a new non-surgical procedure for getting rid of stubborn love hands and stomach fat without the downtime of surgery. But even Coolsculpting won’t tighten up that sagging skin. Even with all out technological advances, surgery is still the best way to deal with sagging skin.