Rhinoplasty in Draper, UT

Rhinoplasty surgery

For those interested in reshaping their nose in Draper, UT, NuVista Plastic Surgery is here to help. Dr. Petersen performs rhinoplasty procedures to improve the appearance of anyone who is not happy about the shape or size of their nose. Rhinoplasty is often considered cosmetic surgery. However, the procedure isn’t always about correcting one’s appearance. Many individuals who have a hard time breathing will get nose surgery in order to improve their breathing.

Rhinoplasty surgery involves removing, rearranging or reshaping the bone in the upper part of the nose and the cartilage in the lower part of the nose. Dr. Petersen can perform nose surgery to reduce the size, change the angle or remove any humps on the bridge of a nose.

Before a rhinoplasty procedure is considered, Dr. Petersen will review your medical history and conduct an examination to evaluate your general health. Then there will be a discussion about how your nose will look in relation to your other facial features. This can be done through digital photographs and computer imaging. You may be instructed to not take any drugs that contain aspirin in order to prevent excess bleeding during the procedure. Antibiotics could also be prescribed to prevent any infections from taking place.

What to Expect with Recovery after Rhinoplasty

Recovery after rhinoplasty takes approximately one to two weeks with most patients being able to go about their normal activities within a week. Bruising and swelling is completely normal, so it’s best to anticipate this. Following the nose surgery, Dr. Petersen will put a lightweight splint on in order to maintain the new shape of your nose. The splint typically stays on for a week. Additionally, nasal splints could be placed inside your nose to protect the septum after your procedure. It’s also common to experience some stuffiness, especially if there has been work done on the nasal septum.

Most patients only experience minimal pain during the recovery process and medications can be used to control this pain. Another common thing patients will experience after rhinoplasty is bruising around the eyes. However, this will lessen and become unnoticeable within a few days’ time.

If you’re getting rhinoplasty as part of correcting nasal issues, insurance providers may cover some or all of the procedure. It’s important to talk to your insurance beforehand to make sure what will be covered and what won’t.

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