Pediatric Ear Pinning Near Provo, UT

Ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a procedure that changes the position, size, and prominence of the ears so that they’re closer to the head. At NuVista Plastic Surgery near Provo, UT, our doctor helps children avoid being teased by their peers about their noticeable ears. Pediatric ear pinning surgery is best done when the ears have finished growing and when the cartilage is most malleable. This treatment is the only effective and permanent solution to correct simple cosmetic concerns and also lop ear syndrome and other irregularities. Set up an initial consultation with our plastic surgeon to learn more about ear surgery and see if it’s the right choice for your child.

What’s Involved in Ear Pinning Surgery?

Pediatric ear pinning surgery makes a significant difference in appearance but also in terms of a child’s self-esteem as they grow up. Our plastic surgeon will discuss everything that’s involved in the procedure with the parents to let them know what to expect and to ensure we address each child’s unique situation. It only takes a few hours to complete under general anesthesia and the recovery time is pretty fast, with about a week of downtime before returning to school. Small incisions are made in strategic places so that they will be inconspicuous once healed.

It’s important to know what type of pediatric ear surgery your child is going to get to prepare for what’s to come. Otoplasties usually consist of restructuring the outer part of the ears because they’re large and protruding. Otoplasty is one of the few cosmetic procedures available for young children because it’s simply flattening the ears closer to their head. However, it helps to manage your child’s emotions as they go through this process and have realistic expectations of the results. Your child is sent home to recover after the ear pinning surgery with some antibiotics and pain medication. It’s normal for the area to be somewhat red, but you should continue to carefully clean it as instructed and use a headband to keep the ears in place. It may take patients up to six weeks to see a full recovery, and their more balanced appearance will surely give them a surge of confidence.

Meet with the team at NuVista Plastic Surgery at our office located near Provo for further details about the surgery itself and the improvements we can make.

Consult with Our Board-Certified Pediatric Ear Surgeon

Our board-certified pediatric ear surgeon has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of cosmetic procedures. An ear pinning procedure is the only permanent solution for protruding ears that can sometimes cause insecurity and make kids the subject of bullying. This is just one kind of otoplasty, and it’s a highly-effective, safe procedure that is regularly performed on young children. The doctor at NuVista Plastic Surgery near the Provo, UT, area is skilled and qualified to provide you with the best possible results. Please get in contact with our office at 1-801-261-5791 to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon.