Tummy Tuck Surgery for Men

Close-up Of Man's Abdomen With Correction Lines For Abdominal Surgery

Tummy tucks (abdominoplasty surgeries) are popular procedures for women after pregnancy, but this procedure is not only popular for women. A large number of men are choosing tummy tuck surgery. With the number of weight loss surgeries on the rise, more men are choosing tummy tucks to tighten and tone their midsection.

An ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is a man in good medical health with realistic expectations about the procedure. Not everyone is a candidate for a tummy tuck. It will not improve the appearance of the mid-section of men who have large amounts of fat around their internal organs. These people would benefit from diet and exercise and might even consider weight loss surgery.

Before the Procedure

Dr. Petersen will first take your full medical history and perform a careful examination to evaluate your overall health. To help see progress, photographs will be taken before and after the surgery. We’ll also prescribe antibiotics prior to surgery to prevent infection. To minimize excess bleeding, you should avoid taking any drugs with aspirin. These medications thin the blood, which causes the body to have a harder time clotting.

The Procedure

An abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. This surgery takes two to five hours, based on your overall health. Unless you have health conditions that require your tummy tuck to be performed in the hospital, we’ll complete the procedure in our certified operating suite. The procedure involves a U-shaped incision below one hip bone, across the pubic area and under the other hipbone. We then make a second incision around the navel.

The skin is then separated from the abdominal wall and lifted up to the hipbone. This exposes the loose tissue covering the abdominal muscle. Dr. Petersen tightens the loose, stretched out muscles with sutures and excess skin and fat are removed. Skin is lowered over the abdomen and the navel is then reconstructed. Incisions are sutured together and sometimes drains are inserted to eliminate fluid buildup.


It’s normal to experience moderate discomfort following your tummy tuck surgery. This can easily be managed with pain medication. Swelling is also normal and can last six to eight weeks. You’ll be provided special instructions for showering and changing your dressings. You may also be required to wear a support garment for up to six weeks. The speed of recovery all depends on your physical condition before surgery. You should allow one to two weeks to recover before returning to work. Some scarring is normal and it often takes nine to 12 months before the scars begin to fade.

We’ll give you instructions on what to do to help scars fade. Though the recovery period is longer for a tummy tuck than other cosmetic procedures, the results are outstanding for someone who wants to change the contours of their waistline. If you follow the proper exercise routine and adhere to the special diet, you will benefit from the abdominoplasty.

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