Breast Lifts for Draper, UT

Breast Lifts for Draper, UT

If you’re unhappy with the way your breasts have changed over the years, consider a breast lift from NuVista Plastic Surgery in Draper, UT. Let Dr. Dayne Petersen and his friendly staff help restore your breasts to be firmer and more aesthetically pleasing to you.

Reasons Women Consider a Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical solution to change the shape of your breasts. Most women choose to have this surgery due to a number of factors, including:

  • Age: As time progresses, people lose elasticity and firmness to different parts of the body. This is especially true about the breasts, because they are made up of soft tissue.
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy hormonal changes in the body will cause the breasts to get larger and heavier. This change in breast size can cause the ligaments in the breast to stretch and cause sagging, regardless of if you breast feed.
  • Weight Gain and Weight Loss: Gaining and losing weight can cause significant changes in breast tissue and affect the ligaments in the breasts. Although skin and ligaments are elastic, they cannot return to their original form after being stretched out.
  • Gravity: Unfortunately, gravity affects everything, including the soft tissues in your body. Gravity, along with time, will cause the ligaments and tissue in the breasts to stretch.

Benefits of a Breast Lift from NuVista Plastic Surgery in Draper, UT

A breast lift helps the breasts to appear firmer, higher and more youthful. This is done by removing excess skin and reshaping the breast. An implant can be used to increase bust size but is not necessary. Some of the major benefits of a breast lift are:

  • Improved Self-Confidence: A breast lift from NuVista Plastic Surgery in Draper, UT can improve your self-confidence. Sagging, drooping or uneven breasts can make a woman unhappy and insecure about her body.
  • More Youthful or Attractive Breast Shape: Time, weight changes and even genetics affects the shape, size and appearance of breasts. A breast lift can return breasts to their previous shape and even fix problems with asymmetry.
  • A Reduction in Skin-Related issues: Heavy, sagging breasts can lead to skin irritation due to sweating, chafing and potential yeast infections under the breasts.

Contact NuVista Plastic Surgery in Draper, UT about Breast Lifts

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