Rhinoplasty for Men in Utah

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All the grooming in the world won’t make up for a feature that you feel insecure about. If you find yourself feeling dissatisfied with the size or shape of your nose, NuVista Plastic Surgery is here to help. Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a common cosmetic procedure that our team has completed time and time again. Rhinoplasty will fix any deformities, as well as remove bumps and adjust the angle of your nose. It is also common for men that have issues breathing or who have experienced trauma to the face to undergo rhinoplasty. Our resident expert, Dr. J Dayne Petersen, is devoted to his male patients in the Utah area.

What to Expect

Because Dr. Petersen is a male facial surgery expert, he will sit down with you to discuss how your nose will look in relation to the rest of your facial features. He’ll have a thorough meeting with you about your goals for your nose, and will then provide digital photographs and computer imagining to determine what option is best for you.

During the surgery, after you’re given general anesthesia, the skin is separated from the underlying bone and cartilage. It will then be reshaped according to your consultation with Dr. Petersen, and the skin is then re-draped over the surface. Dr. Petersen then may create incisions inside the nose, unless it is decided to use an open approach. In this case, incisions are made across the tissue between both nostrils.

After your surgery, recovery can take one to two weeks. Swelling or bruising is typical post operation and is nothing to worry about. You’ll receive a lightweight splint applied to your nose in order to maintain the new shape. This is typically removed after a week. You might also have nasal splints inserted to protect your septum.

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If you have issues with the aesthetics or function of your nose, don’t let yourself suffer. NuVista Plastic Surgery has had many happy patients walk out of our doors. Call us to schedule your consultation today.