Fractora™ Skin Rejuvenation for Patients in Utah

Do you want immediate skin rejuvenation results? Visit NuVista Plastic Surgery to receive the state-of-the-art Fractora™ treatment by InMode. This provides fractional rejuvenation and skin resurfacing to reduce wrinkles and make skin look younger. Fractora™ has been proven to slow down the effects of aging through affordable, non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy. The RF energy is delivered to the skin through a series of pins that produce localized heat and small micro-lesion dots in the treatment area. Fractora™’s gentle heat pins in the sub-dermal tissue encourage collagen reformation for skin rejuvenation and improved appearance.

Treatment Areas

Most parts of the body can be treated for discoloration and wrinkles with Fractora™. However, common areas including the lower eyelid, upper eyelid, smile lines, forehead, mouth and neck. Fractora™ will also tighten sagging skin on the eyelids, face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Number of Treatments

Patients and treatment areas are different based on the individual. Some patients only need one treatment, while others will require up to six. It’s best to consult with the doctor in order to decide which treatment range is best for you.


The results of Fractora™ are apparent immediately and can improve drastically over time. After two weeks, treatment results will become apparent. Improvements can continue for as long as three months. Fractora™ is unique; it delivers quick improvements to aging skin that often take up to four different technologies to achieve.

Combining Treatments

The Fractora™ treatment is typically used along with other aesthetic treatments. A consultation with Dr. Petersen will help you figure out the best treatment plan for your own situation.

Post-Treatment Care

The downtime after a Fractora™ treatment is minimal. Make sure to keep out of the sun and make sure the affected area is well-moisturized. Always apply sunscreen to the treated areas, as well as any exposed skin. There will be redness and swelling for the first 3-5 days and this could last for up to a week. You can apply makeup 72 hours after receiving a Fractora™ treatment.Schedule a Consultation

To schedule a Fractora™ appointment, call NuVista Plastic Surgery in Murray, Utah today. Dr. Petersen can expertly provide this high-tech treatment and create immediate results that you’ll love.

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