Ear Pinning Surgery in Salt Lake City, UT

Pediatric ear pinning surgery, also known as otoplasty, corrects protruding ears in children. NuVista Plastic Surgery is available for a free consultation to evaluate whether this is the best procedure for your child. If their ears are noticeably sticking out, cosmetic surgery is one solution that offers permanent results and can be a big self-esteem booster. Some patients suffer from lop ear syndrome or have another prominent ear deformity that makes pinning them back a life-changing decision. Please speak with our plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure and your options.

What is Pediatric Ear Pinning Surgery?

Our doctor carefully discusses ear pinning surgery with parents to go over any recommendations for your child’s unique situation. It’s also important to understand the risks and what to expect from the post-op recovery period. The procedure is done relatively quickly, about an hour per ear, depending on the severity of the issues being addressed. After that, the patient will typically go through a recovery period of about a week to ten days. 

Ear Surgery Can Restore Your Confidence

Come to NuVista Plastic Surgery for pediatric ear surgery that will positively influence your child’s confidence for a lifetime. Our surgical clinic offers initial consultations for parents whose children are around 4-14 years old when the ears have stopped growing and can be adjusted with permanent results. The ears are hard to hide, and it can be a source of embarrassment for kids who are picked on because of them. Luckily, cosmetic surgery is an excellent solution to give your child a natural yet much-improved appearance. This is especially true in cases where there’s a medical condition present or other deformity affecting the shape or size of the ears. Ear pinning surgery is a life-changing procedure and one you should seriously consider under the care of our board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Contact Us for Pediatric Ear Surgery

If you’re considering pediatric ear surgery, schedule a consultation with the doctor at NuVista Plastic Surgery. We will take the time to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have. It’s essential to make a well-informed decision and understand what the procedure will entail. We are happy to discuss ear pinning surgery with you in detail, so you can feel confident that this is the best choice for your child. Please get in contact with our clinic near the Salt Lake City, UT, area at 801-261-5791 to set up an appointment today.