Ear Pinning Surgery in Draper, UT

Pediatric ear surgery is for children with prominent ears who would benefit from having them look overall more harmonious. The doctor at NuVista Plastic Surgery has a skilled hand in cosmetic procedures and takes great care in giving patients a balanced appearance that goes well with the rest of their features. Our office in Draper, UT, holds consultations to evaluate how the ears are currently sticking out and how to position them better. Ear pinning is one of many otoplasty procedures you can undergo to correct the ears’ protrusion, shape, and size. Please speak with our plastic surgeon to discuss options for your child.

What to Expect From Pediatric Ear Surgery

Ear pinning surgeries are best for children around five years of age and older and whose ears have stopped growing. The patient undergoes general anesthesia for the surgery, and the ear is reshaped to lie closer to the head. Incisions are made strategically in the back of the ear’s natural crease, and sutures keep them in place. We can easily hide scars, so they are not visible after healing. Recovery is done at home and requires about a week of downtime and six weeks to complete the healing process. Pediatric ear surgery could be the ideal treatment for your child to feel more comfortable in their skin, and it’s the only permanent solution for ears that project outwards.

Contact Us for Pediatric Ear Pinning Surgery

NuVista Plastic Surgery offers pediatric ear pinning surgery that is done with the utmost care. Our skilled and attentive plastic surgeon is board-certified and provides results that adhere to the highest standards of cosmetic medicine. Schedule a consultation with our doctor to learn more about our techniques and see if ear pinning surgery would be a good treatment option for your child. Contact our office in Draper, UT, today at 801-261-5791.