Pediatric Ear Surgery Near Orem, UT

Ear pinning surgery is a procedure that children can undergo to minimize the prominence of ears that stick out. The skilled doctor at NuVista Plastic Surgery starts by discussing with parents everything that’s involved in pinning back the ears. We will help you determine whether this is a good option for your child and what the next steps are. This is one of a series of otoplasty techniques designed to address irregularities of the outer ear. Pediatric ear pinning is the only permanent solution for ears that protrude outwards, and it leaves inconspicuous scars hidden in the folds of cartilage. We hold an initial consultation at our clinic near the Orem, UT, area, where we go over specific details and answer all your questions before proceeding.

What to Expect From Ear Pinning Surgery

Pediatric ear surgery takes only a few hours to complete, and patients are sent home to recover afterward. Patients receive antibiotics and medication to help reduce any pain. There is a period of downtime that lasts for about a week before your child can safely return to school. It can take up to six weeks for most patients to fully recover and slowly resume strenuous activities such as sports. Don’t be alarmed if the ears look slightly red and swollen because swelling is a normal bodily response during the healing process. Although this procedure is considered safe, you must follow aftercare instructions for a smooth recovery without any complications. The incisions are done in an easily concealed area, making them barely noticeable.

During your consultation at our office near Orem, we will prepare you and your child for what’s to come pre and post-surgery. This is one of the few cosmetic procedures available for children ages 4 – 14 and one that many parents can get behind. The ears are a highly visible feature that can be a source of insecurity when a child is bullied about it by their peers at school. Getting pediatric ear pinning surgery is a great way to boost their confidence and improve their self-image. 

Schedule a Pediatric Ear Pinning Consultation

Our pediatric ear surgeon is an experienced and board-certified professional who has a skilled hand in cosmetic procedures. We take pride in providing the most effective and permanent solutions for patients near the Orem, UT, area. All of the surgeries we perform happen with the utmost care and attention to detail for beautiful results. Ear pinning is a technique that is widely known to be a generally safe cosmetic surgery for children to undergo. This is because it carries minimal risks and allows for a smooth recovery so that your child can go back to their regular activities. With a natural and more balanced appearance, it is bound to have life-changing results for our patients. Reach out to our office at 1-801-261-5791 to learn more about our ear pinning procedure.