Agnes RF at NuVista

You can achieve superior and long-lasting skin rejuvenation results without the invasive procedures of a traditional facelift. Radiofrequency face tightening and micro-needling collagen stimulation to smooth wrinkles have been popular facelift alternatives for a while, but NuVista now offers the revolutionary Agnes RF treatment to Utah residents – a fantastic tool that blends the benefits of micro-needling and radiofrequency heating for astounding skin rejuvenation and unmatched precision targeting. Try out a safe, predictable technology that delivers amazing results fast and with minimal recovery time at a NuVista location today.

A woman’s jawline is outlined for a cosmetic treatment.

What Is Agnes RF?

Agnes RF is a treatment that blends micro-needling and radiofrequency (RF) energy at effective temperatures to regrow healthy cells and improve skin quality. An innovative procedure pioneered by Dr. Ahn to cure acne, Agnes RF is now utilized by physicians all over the world as a non-surgical facelift because of its superiority for face tightening, smoothing wrinkles, and other dermatological issues, including:

  • Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation
  • Submental Reduction
  • Jawline Sculpting
  • Earlobe Repair
  • And Several Other Aesthetic Concerns

FDA-approved and minimally invasive, Agnes RF is great for any skin tone or skin type, especially darker skin tones that cannot effectively be treated with lasers. The microneedles on the device are also micro-insulated to reduce the risk of thermal burns to patients.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of Agnes RF is how treatments can be personalized to the patient, with the kind and number of microneedles used, how deep they penetrate, and the amount of RF energy being released all fully adjustable and tailored to the individual’s needs and aging process. From eliminating fat underneath the chin and eyelids to reducing sagging skin, the technology is fast becoming the go-to procedure for anyone wanting to turn back the signs of aging through face tightening or resculpting for noticeable results without cutting or prolonged healing times.

A woman enjoys her rejuvenated facial skin.

What Can I Expect From Agnes RF Treatment Process?

Superior precision, suitability for more skin types, and easy adaptability to other cosmetic treatment strategies are a few of the great benefits of Agnes RF, but there are more advantages you can expect from the process.

Short treatment sessions make some people refer to Agnes RF as a “lunchtime facelift.” You can expect treatments to typically be between 20 to 30 minutes long with minimal discomfort. One to three sessions may be required depending on your needs to obtain optimal results, whether to smooth wrinkles or eliminate fat cells. There is no clinical downtime associated with the treatment. Still, most patients experience redness for one to two days afterward, and some may see slight swelling and bruising for three to ten days following a session. You can return to normal activities immediately following your first Agnes RF session.

Most patients can expect to see results after their first treatment. Results can be long-lasting or permanent if you maintain the same weight after a procedure, such as submental reduction and general face tightening. However, any weight gain after the treatment can result in your remaining healthy fat cells swelling. The treatment may need to be done again to smooth wrinkles that develop afterward due to normal aging.

Why Come To NuVista for Agnes RF in Utah?

NuVista Plastic Surgery has a long history of raising the standards for safe, effective cosmetic treatments in Utah. 

An initial consultation at our offices will take as much time as necessary to understand your particular cosmetic issues and answer any questions or address any concerns you have about treatment. The Agnes RF procedure is fast, effective, and features minimal discomfort. Whether you require one or more appointments, you will feel comfortable because of the insulated micro-needles and topical numbing creams used. Dr. Petersen and the entire staff at NuVista Plastic Surgery care deeply about your emotional and physical well-being, and we are among the most trusted board-certified cosmetic surgery professionals across the state.  

Before and after photo of a patient who underwent Agnes RF.

Call for a Consultation 

The Agnes Precision RF is an innovative device for non-surgical facelifts. It blends micro-needling and radiofrequency methods for sculpting, tightening, smoothing, acne removal, fat reduction, and many more cosmetic issues. The process is FDA-approved, effective, and safe for all skin types and tones. Achieve a firmer, tighter, more youthful-looking face without the invasive cutting of surgery or the long clinical downtimes. NuVista is board-certified and highly regarded for all plastic surgery needs in Utah, and we’ll help you look and feel your best. Start with a free consultation at our office in Draper, Utah, by scheduling an appointment at 1-801-261-5791 today.