Brazilian Butt Lift in Draper, UT

Brazilian butt lift in Draper, UT

Butt lift surgery has become a very popular procedure. Confidence can be instilled from having a gorgeous, well-rounded shape when your clothing fits better. It can also restore your youthful vitality! Our office gets a lot of questions about buttock augmentation because of the interest generated in Draper, UT. Read on to find out if a butt lift procedure is right for you.

Brazilian Butt Lift – What is It?

A common misconception about a Brazilian butt lift procedure is that removing fat will give you an aesthetically pleasing posterior. However, the best way to reshape it is to find the perfect placement of additional fat to fill in divots and to smooth outlines. Doing this can create the perfect shape.

Brazilian butt lifts are done to emphasize the profile and accentuate the waist. The procedure consists of removing fat from the waist, love handles and lower back through liposuction. Then the fat is inserted strategically into the hips and buttocks to give them a better shape.

Will the Procedure Leave Noticeable Scars?

A butt lift doesn’t require any skin removal, unless you’ve experienced extreme weight loss. The liposuction scars that will occur are very small and easy to hide. No one will know you’ve had a butt lift procedure, and you can go to work, the swimming pool or the beach knowing that.

NuVista Plastic Surgery also refrains from gluteal implants, a common practice in the industry. Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Dayne Petersen, recommends against butt implants because of the complications and recovery time associated with them. They can also move out of position and erode through the skin. Butt augmentation is a lot safer, faster and the results last longer.

Thigh Lift Surgery

A thigh lift is often performed when you get a Brazilian butt lift. Liposuction will be implemented, and excess skin will be removed to leave aesthetically pleasing contours. If any fat is removed from your thighs, it could be used for your hips or buttocks for the beautiful booty you want.

What You Can Expect with Recovery

After your butt lift procedure there will be a lengthy recovery process with some guidelines to follow, but it will all be worth it. These include:

  • Wearing compression garment and leg pumps – You’ll be given specially designed compression garments to wear for six weeks to help with swelling and contouring. The garments will compress the areas of liposuction, but they won’t put pressure on the fat grafting areas. Additionally, you may be given leg pumps, depending on the length of your procedure, to prevent blood clots from developing.
  • Refrain from sitting – Direct sitting isn’t allowed for eight weeks, but you can lie on your stomach, and depending on your procedure you may lay on your hips. These are the only acceptable positions. The only exception for sitting is using the toilet.
  • Using pillows from 10 days to 8 weeks – After eight weeks, you can use pillows when you sit. You’ll place the pillows underneath your thighs, so your buttocks is suspended in the air with no direct pressure.
  • Liposuction recovery – With liposuction, you can expect some drainage at the insertion sites. The first two days are the most dramatic. Disposable sheets are recommended, and you can use bandages over the insertion sites, but they’ll need frequent changing.
  • Bruising – Bruising is common after a butt lift procedure, and some patients experience it more than others. Massaging the liposuction sites is a great idea because it will help you achieve smooth results. Since there will be bruising, you can be gentle at first, but adding more pressure as healing continues is important.

Are Butt Lift Procedures Worth It?

While the recovery process is quite extensive, you’ll be satisfied by the end result. Brazilian butt lifts have become a popular cosmetic procedure in our office, and we provide these services to clients in Draper, UT. Fat transfer can do wonders, and you will feel amazing afterward. Give NuVista a call at 801-261-5791 to set up a free consultation today.