Pediatric Ear Surgery in Cottonwood, UT

NuVista Plastic Surgery performs ear pinning surgery at our office near Cottonwood, UT, where we can correct the protrusion of the ears. Ears that stick out can be a source of insecurity or lead to self-image issues. If your child is going through this, it may be a good idea to bring them in for an evaluation and see if they’re a good candidate for this procedure. Pediatric ear surgery is a permanent solution for patients whose ears have finished growing. We will reposition the ears to lie closer to their head with a more well-balanced and harmonious appearance. Please consult with our board-certified plastic surgeon to learn more.

What is Pediatric Ear Pinning Surgery?

Ear Pinning surgery refers to making incisions in the cartilage behind the ear and adjusting its position to flatter against the head. During our initial consultation, we will discuss the entire process with parents and prepare them for what to expect. Pediatric ear surgeries are usually completed in just a few hours, and patients are sent home to recover with detailed aftercare instructions. There is about a week of downtime and up to six weeks of total recovery time for the incisions to heal fully. The scars are almost carefully concealed because they are strategically placed in the natural creases of the ear, where it’s harder to see them. With our doctor’s skills and experience, we’re confident you will be pleased with how everything turns out.

Speak with Our Board-Certified Surgeon

Speak to the board-certified plastic surgeon at NuVista Plastic Surgery to learn more about the risks and benefits of this procedure. Pediatric ear pinning surgery is a fairly quick surgery that offers permanent results with a relatively short recovery period. We discuss with parents what their child can expect from the treatment and how to help them through the process. We specialize in helping our patients achieve the best cosmetic results and greatly improve their quality of life. You’re in good hands when you come to our office near the Cottonwood, UT, area because we meet the highest standards of quality out there. We’ll take the time to see your primary concerns and how we can address them.

Schedule an Ear Pinning Surgery Consultation

We perform pediatric ear surgeries with the utmost care to provide the kinds of results you want. Our plastic surgeon pays close attention to detail and has a skilled hand in cosmetic procedures. Schedule an initial consultation at NuVista Plastic Surgery near Cottonwood, UT, where we can discuss your unique situation. Please get in contact with our office at 801-261-5791 to get started right away.