Latisse is a new and exciting product from Allergan that helps your eyelashes grow in 3 ways: length, thickness, and pigmentation (darker). As we age, our eye lashes naturally thin and lighten. However, wanting more noticable lashes isn’t confined to any age group. And Latisse can deliver fantastic results for everyone! Each Latisse kit comes with an eye dropper and packages containing small wand handled brushes. At night, after you have cleaned your face and removed your eye makeup, you simply squeeze a drop of Latisse onto a brush and wipe the brush along your upper eyelash like you were putting on eye liner. It’s that easy!
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Dr. Petersen will meet with you to make sure you do not have any medical conditions that would interfere with your use of Latisse and then will give you a prescription. You can purchase Latisse right in our office and begin using it right away.

Everyone responds a little bit differently to Latisse, so we can’t tell you exactly when you will begin noticing a difference in your lashes. Usually patients see a difference first in the length of their lashes. While not typical, one of our staff members noticed a difference in length after using Latisse for just 5 days! The next noticeable change is generally in the thickness and number of the lashes. The last change is in how dark your lashes are. 100% of patients using Latisse see results. Those are pretty good odds.

While we can’t tell you how quickly you will see results with Latisse, we can tell you what not to do in trying to speed up the process. Do not use Lattise more than once a day. It will not make your lashes grow faster and you will just have to buy more product from us. Do not put Latisse on your lower lashes. This is not necessary, as your lower lashes will get all that they need from your upper lid application. Do not put Latisse directly into your eye. If some of the product gets into your eye, you don’t need to worry. But to grow your lashes you need to apply it where your lashes grow—on your eye lid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Latisse Turn my Blue Eyes Brown?

This misconception stems from the product warning that Latisse may cause changes in eye pigmentation. Latisse, as used for eye lash growth, has never changed the color of anyone’s eye. This product was originally produced as a prescription treatment for glaucoma patients. Those patients would put multiple drops a day directly into their eyes to treat increased eye pressure. In those patients, a very small number of individuals reported a small speck or fine line of color change. Even when this product went directly into the eye, no one ever had their eyes change colors. Latisse, wiped across the eye lid, will never deliver enough product into the eye on a consistent enough basis, to change the eye’s pigment. Rest assured—your baby blues are safe.

How Long will My Results Last?

Latisse is not a permanent fix to thinning lashes. If you discontinue use of Latisse, over time, your results will fade and disappear. But with continued use of Latisse, you can keep those beautiful, new eye lashes. How long you keep your results is up to you.

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