Liposuction Salt Lake City

Liposuction for the Hips, Arms and Thighs

Subcutaneous fat is possibly the number one enemy of an attractive figure. Fighting that fat is a battle that almost everyone fights.

Of course there are many different ways to approach that battle. The stomach tends to be where we focus all of our attention. Especially with the summer coming, we want to be ready for summer days, beaches and swim suits.

But there are parts of the body that are seen by other more often than the stomach. Take the arms, for example. The thighs also don’t get as much attention as the stomach, yet big thighs cause a lot of people to feel self-conscious. Arms, hips and thighs, just like the stomach, can be a place where excess and stubborn fat gets stored. Getting rid of it can be difficult.

Plastic surgery for removing subcutaneous fat, called liposuction, if often thought of as a procedure for the stomach. Indeed, liposuction for excess stomach fat is an excellent plastic surgery route for people who haven’t gotten the results they wanted with diet and exercise. But what about liposuction for the other parts of the body that suffer from excess fat?

The arms, thighs and hips can be treated with liposuction. Dr. Petersen, a board certified plastic surgeon, simply makes small incisions that are hard to see, in areas that are going to be treated. Then the liposuction tool is inserted and the excess fat is removed. The face and neck, knees and ankles can also be treated.

Dr. Petersen will consult with you on the types of liposuction that might be best for your situation. The stomach is often a great place to start, but excess fat on the arms and thighs might be something to think about as well.  He’ll talk with you about the important factors, like skin type, smoking and alcohol habits and your physical condition.

Make sure that your liposuction procedure is performed on a surgical site approved by the AAAASF.