FaceTite™ – An Alternative to a Facelift

FaceTite™ for Draper, UT

FaceTite™ is a non-invasive procedure that can stave off the need for a facelift and can have you looking years younger with minimal side-effects or downtime. Improve the look of jowls, saggy cheeks or a saggy neck in a simple office procedure. If you are near Draper, UT, and are interested in learning more about FaceTite™, contact NuVista Plastic Surgery.

How does FaceTite™ Work?

FaceTite™ is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that can tighten loose or sagging skin in the face and neck. It is based on the same science as BodyTite, without the fat removing part of the procedure. The procedure is done in-office, using a local anesthetic. There are no incisions made, only tiny needle pricks that heal quickly with minimal bruising.

The procedure for FaceTite™ involves:

  • Preparing and cleaning the skin
  • Mapping out the areas for treatment
  • Administering the local anesthetic
  • A hand-held applicator is used to target and send radiofrequency energy to specific areas of the skin. The radiofrequency energy will get rid of unwanted fatty deposits while stimulating collagen production. The hand-held applicator also cauterizes any small blood vessels it comes in contact with, so bruising is minimized.

You will see results immediately following the FaceTite™ procedure, but the contraction of the collagen will continue for about 6 months, progressively improving the final results of the procedure. The effects of FaceTite™ will last for about 5 years, depending on genetics and lifestyle.

Is FaceTite™ Safe?

FaceTite™, as with all medical procedures, has some potential risks and side effects. The most common side effects are:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Redness

FaceTite™ uses radiofrequency technology, so burns and nerve damage is possible. The best way to minimize the risks of damage and side effects are to have the procedure completed by someone who is certified and experienced in FaceTite™. Dr. Petersen at NuVista Plastic Surgery in Draper, UT, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a specialty in craniofacial surgery, so you know you’re in the best hands possible when receiving the FaceTite™ procedure.

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