Breast Augmentation For Balance

breast augmentation
Breast asymmetry is a real problem for many women. Sometimes the difference between breast sizes can be minimal and hard to notice, but for other women, the difference can be substantial. And since symmetry is an important part of beauty, breast augmentation or other breast enhancement techniques can be important for many women.

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Petersen have a number of techniques for improving breast symmetry. One option is to use a breast implant on the smaller breast. This breast augmentation procedure will be no different than the normal breast implant procedure, except that the plastic surgeon will only insert one silicon or saline implant.

Another option that women sometimes prefer is to get implants in both breasts, increasing their overall breast size, and at the same time balancing the breast sizes. Since the implants themselves come in different sizes, making the breasts symmetrical this way isn’t a terribly complicated process.

Other options don’t involve implants at all. Some women prefer breast reduction procedures, going in the opposite direction. Reducing the size of one breast can help balance the appearance of a woman’s bust.

Remember that many different factors go into determining the right procedure for your body type. Dr. Petersen will help you determine the right steps to take, and the right procedure to choose. For example, the type of implants that you receive depends on a number of factors.

Balance is an important part of life. We all try to juggle a number of things: sports, family, work, school, etc. Physical balance can help us regain balance in other parts of our lives. An uneven smile, a limp or imbalanced vision can all be of serious detriment to our wellbeing. Unbalanced breasts can make us self-conscious, change the way we dress, and make us feel unattractive.

Come consult with us about your situation, and we’ll find a way to balance your life.