The Breast Oasis Organization

Breast Oasis is a non-profit organization designed to bring women together to meet each other’s needs and share hope. When a woman has breast surgery of any kind, be it a reduction, an augmentation, or a reconstruction after breast cancer, she usually has bras she can no longer use. Through Breast Oasis, she can donate her bras that are in good condition to a designated drop off location. Those bras are then professionally laundered, labeled and packaged in a gift bag, and donated to a women’s shelter or organization. Many times these donations are much needed because the basics can be forgotten in fundraising drives and underwear can be hard to come by. Watch this short video clip about the donation process, and go to to see what we are doing here in Utah.

The shared hope comes in when a woman donating her bras goes one step further and shares her story. Through the Breast Oasis website a donating woman has the opportunity to give a message of hope and inspiration. A donation recipient can leave a message of gratitude. For instance, say this a donor is a breast cancer survivor, or is still struggling with the disease; she can go online and share her struggle or her triumph, her heart ache and her healing, with women who receive her donation. One woman’s crisis can touch the lives of other women in crisis or need. One woman’s struggle can inspire another woman to keep struggling forward.

Local Partnerships

Dr. Petersen’s office is excited to announce that they have partnered with the YWCA of Salt Lake City to provide needed donations to women in need. The YWCA in Salt Lake City is a multiphase support location that serves hundreds of women and children each year fleeing domestic violence. They have immediate services for those in imminent danger and a 30 day housing program where women can stay with their children in hotel style rooms while receiving counseling, medical help, and basic assessment of needs. Then those families can transition into an intermediate housing while they gain education, training, and mentoring. Here women are supported in creating long-term, secure plans for taking care of themselves and their families. While the mission of the YWCA is broader than just a domestic violence shelter, we were truly moved by what they are accomplishing for women in crisis in our community. One service provided is a boutique where women “shop” for clothing for themselves and clothing and toys for their children. Our contact at the YWCA shared with us that many people donate toys at Christmas or bring in gently used clothing. But few people think to bring in bras and underwear. As a result their inventory of these basic items is very low and never adequate for their need. This is where we hope you will help us to help them!

Visit the YWCA website to learn more about the services the YWCA offers to our community and ways you can help or volunteer.

Partnering with us in our efforts is Trailside Dry Cleaning at 7836 South 1300 East in Sandy, Utah. They have generously donated their services to professionally clean our Breast Oasis certified bra donations. Their efforts ensure that the donor’s gift arrives fresh and clean to a recipient.

We have a new partner who has agreed to be an additional donation site. Pure Beauty Salon at 8942 South State Street in Sandy, Utah is taking the time and space to collect bra donations. We hope this expansion is the beginning of many. Please support these businesses and thank them for their service and support of the community!

Donate New Bras

In addition to donations of gently used bras we are happy to accept donations of new bras. And you don’t have to be a patient to donate. Breast Oasis has many national, corporate sponsors, including Bloomingdales, Everyday Health, and Mentor. They partner with other non-profit organizations such as Operation Prom in their efforts to connect donors with recipients. Follow this link to see the website at to read more about this program and click here to read messages from those participating in this program. Follow this link to to learn about upcoming events and activities we are participating in designed to help women supporting other women in Utah.