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Anti-aging Skin Care in Your 40’s

Anti-aging Skin Care in Your 40’s

Anti-Aging Skin Care

If you are hovering around that 40 year old mark you may be noticing that a lot of things are beginning to change. You may see the effects in your metabolism, your ability to recover from injury, your hair, and your skin. While none of this is fair, it is a fact of life. In your forties your skin will probably start to change and not for the better. The indiscretions of your youthful sun exposure will come back to haunt you now! Your skin will also begin to lose more elasticity and you will notice that the underlining bony and fat pad structure is starting to change. There are more fine lines creeping in, especially around the eyes. And your skin tone may be less even and duller in appearance. In short, it’s time to get proactive about your skin care and intervene in your aging process. So here is a quick guide to anti-aging skin care in your 40’s.

There is a two pronged approach that is most effective—a better skin care regime and injectable products.

What Skin Care is Best for Me?

In our office we are not beholden to just one skin care product line. There are several products we like from a few lines. But the foundation of our skin care is the Epionce system.  The three main goals of the Epionce skin care line are: block inflammation—to heal and prevent further damage, repair and thicken the barrier of health skin cells, and accelerate skin cell turn over. Keratolytic technology uses natural ingredients like Willow Bark Extract and Salicylic Acid (found in chemical peels) to turn over dead skin cells keeping pores clear, smoothing skin texture and clarity, and reducing fine lines. To learn more about the Epionce philosophy and effectiveness click HERE.

Which products are best for you will really depend on your skin type and your areas of biggest concern. But a solid foundation in the Epionce skin care system will undoubtedly strengthen and enrich your skin. Once you have had a consultation and you know what products work best for you can can even order them from us online with our preferred shopper code with free shipping.

There are products to add to a basic skin care kit that a woman in her forties should really consider. They include the Intense Defense Serum and the Renewal Eye Cream. Both of these products target skin problems that really begin to crop up in aging skin. Intense Defense Serum is like a shot of multivitamins for your skin. It delivers vitamins A, B, C, D, and E along all seven delivery pathways to get the vitamins just where your cells need them! That’s a powerful punch of fortifying help that can make skin brighter and healthier. The Renewal Eye Cream is perfect for that delicate skin around the eyes to brighten and smooth. Barely a smear put over the top of makeup will give an open bright appearance to the eye as well.

Finally, you can strengthen and repair all day long, but if you are not protecting your skin then it is all money thrown away. That is where Elta MD sunscreen comes in. Elta MD gives the body the barrier level of protection from titanium oxide without the white film or greasy feel. Cosmetic lotions and makeup provide inadequate protection. Wearing a professional grade sunscreen under your makeup every day is essential to preventing the further aging damage of the sun. And Elta MD is our absolute favorite when it comes to not clogging pores or feeling heavy for daily use.

Beyond Skin Care Products to Injectables

The second prong of an effective anti-aging strategy is the use of injectables. These include Botox/Dysport, fillers, and Sculptra. Each person needs different products depending on her aging process. But as a general rule, Botox and Dysport will soften the wrinkles in the forehead and crows feet. Botox and Dysport are preventative as well in that they can retrain your muscles to fully relax when at rest. Fillers, like the Restylane family, fill deeper lines and plump thinning lips. And Sculptra rebuilds your body’s own collagen to rebuild the thinning facial bone structure—like restructuring the decaying scaffolding of your cheek bones. Think of Sculptra as the face lift prevention program! That’s why we call it the liquid face lift. To learn more detailed information about what injectables can do for you click HERE.

Let us help you customize your anti-aging skin care strategy before more drastic intervention is needed. This is facial maintenance in your 40’s. Approach the next few decades with the best possible arsenal at your disposal. We have customized skin care kits to get you going at a discount. Don’t wait until a change becomes a problem, which becomes a frustration. Start today!