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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Recently we conducted an informal survey of people who were not plastic surgery aficionados.  These were average moms, and a few dads, that were asked what is involved in a Mommy Makeover.  To our great surprise not a single person could answer that question!  A couple of people thought it was akin to sending a tired mom in for a spa day—which is a great thought.  But it made us realize that very few people may truly understand what is available to moms these days.

A Mommy Makeover puts back everything that pregnancy stretches, deflates, or expands.  Pregnancy is tough on a woman’s body.  And although everyone woman should feel proud of the amazing feat she and her body have achieved together, every mom doesn’t have to live with every part of the aftermath of pregnancy.  A Mommy Makeover generally entails a breast procedure and a body contouring procedure—most often a tummy tuck.

Mommy Makeover Breast Procedures

Often with pregnancy a woman’s breasts will grow.  As pregnancy progresses, so does the bra size.  When milk “comes in” for nursing, some women experience rapidly expanding breast size that can be painful.  After nursing is done, breast volume often diminishes leaving the breasts sagging like balloons that have lost their air.  This can be devastating.

For some women a simple augmentation is enough to restore lost volume.  For others, however, the stretched skin tissue leaves the nipples displaced.  If this is the case, a lift is required to restore a natural breast shape and size.  Dr. Petersen measures the placement of the nipples in relation to a woman’s body frame and breast placement to determine how much, if any, lifting is required.  The more lift needed the more invasive the procedure—but also the more dramatic the breast restoration result.

Dr. Petersen breaks down his lift procedures into 3 categories: Crescent lift, intermediate—or lollipop—lift, and a full—or anchor—lift.  You can read about these different kinds of lifts by following this link.  Every woman is different and the degree of change needed to restore breast shape and size will likewise be different.

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Mommy Makeover Body Contouring

Liposuction Salt Lake CityThere is no question that pregnancy messes with a woman’s mid-section.  Did you know that during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles of most women split down the middle to accommodate the growing child? No amount of crunches can fuse those muscles back together.  And we know that a woman’s tummy skin stretches more than she ever thought it could.  Some women are lucky enough to have that skin retract pretty nicely.  But many women are let with loose skin that diet and exercise cannot fix.  No wrap, no cream, no laser can have a significant impact on loose abdominal skin.

During a tummy tuck Dr. Petersen stitches together separated stomach muscles and removes lose skin.  He also contours the waistline by not only cutting out excess skin, but shaping the leftover skin to pull in around the waist and hips.  He also includes some liposuction at the hips to make sure everything is smooth.  For frequently asked questions about tummy tucks, follow this link.

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A Mommy Makeover may include some significant liposuction, or perhaps liposuction would be done in place of a tummy tuck if loose skin is less of an issue.  Pregnancy can change the places that a woman stores her fat deposits.  She may have saddle bags she never had before.  She may not be able to recognize her arms.  Liposuction can be a great procedure for those areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

When Should I Get a Mommy Makeover?

Wait until you are done having children before having a Mommy Makeover.  While some women have great success with breast augmentation in the midst of having children, a tummy tuck will only be destroyed by future pregnancies.

Don’t rush into a Mommy Makeover as soon as your last child is born.  Dr. Petersen recommends waiting at least 6 months after nursing to have breast work done and to be within 15 pounds of your goal weight before getting a tummy tuck.  You really want to allow your body to recover from pregnancy so you and Dr. Petersen know what you are working with.  If you rush into an augmentation and end up losing more breast volume, then you won’t be happy with your results.  If you have a tummy tuck and then lose 35 more pounds, you may have sagging skin all over again.

We had one woman in her 50’s come in for a tummy tuck and then tell us she was sending a portion of her bill to each of her 5 grown children! Ha!

We have seen women transformed on the inside by a Mommy Makeover.  You have worked hard and diligently cared for the little bodies around you.  You and your body are amazing!  Let us help you feel amazing.