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The Secret Scar Breast Augmentation

You’ve heard that there’s more than one way to take care of a cat. There is also more than one way to insert a breast implant. But by far the most common technique is called the inframammary incision. With this technique an incision is made at the base of the breast, under the inframammary fold,... More »

Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

I can’t tell you why each individual is motivated to get plastic surgery.  But I can tell you why we help people on their journey and what we’ve seen. We’ve seen that most people have a plastic surgery procedure because they want to see themselves in a particular way–they want to feel good about themselves.... More »

Treatment for Capsular Contracture

Capsular Contracture is the buildup of capsular tissue around a breast implant that contracts around the implant leading to firmness or hardening of the breast, distortion of breast shape, and even pain. For further information about capsular contracture and its possible causes see our previous blog post HERE. The treatment for capsular contracture will depend... More »

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Recently we conducted an informal survey of people who were not plastic surgery aficionados.  These were average moms, and a few dads, that were asked what is involved in a Mommy Makeover.  To our great surprise not a single person could answer that question!  A couple of people thought it was akin to sending a... More »

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Capsular Contracture

One of the Most Common Complications of Breast Augmentation is Capsular Contracture Capsular contracture is one of the most common complications of breast augmentation.  Capsular contracture is the development of large amounts of scar tissue surrounding the breast implant and contracting around the implant.  The contracting scar tissue squeezes the breast implant.  Mild cases of......

... More »

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Safer Breast Augmentation

  Many women often wonder how safe breast augmentation truly is. While any kind of surgery has risks, saline and silicone breast implants are proven to be safe and are FDA approved. Furthermore, there are a few different methods of inserting the implant into the breast—some of which have certain advantages over older methods. One... More »

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The Top Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2013

Hundreds of thousands of plastic surgery procedures are performed each year in the United States. Some are purely cosmetic, while others are performed to correct deformities and previous injuries. Data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons sheds light on the most common procedures. The most popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation. Nearly 300,000 breast... More »

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Plastic Surgery For Mothers

Pregnancy presents a number of challenges and changes for women. Some are welcome changes, while many others are not so welcome. Most women understand that their bodies will undergo some drastic changes, but the extent of some of these changes is hard to foresee. Consequently, cosmetic surgery is quickly becoming a popular choice for women... More »

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Scars and Plastic Surgery

As people learn about plastic surgery, and how it is performed, they may have questions about incisions, scars and healing. If plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of your body, won’t scars work against that beauty? Plastic surgery is focused on improving appearance, and on making that appearance look natural. For this reason, all... More »

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Recovering From Plastic Surgery

The choice to get plastic surgery, of whatever variety, is a big one. It can also be an important one for many people, helping them feel better about themselves and their appearance. An important question for many people deciding on plastic surgery is recovery time and the recovery process in general. Recovery is different for... More »