Tummy Tuck Salt Lake City

Tummy Tucks And Weight Loss Surgeries

When considering drastic weight-loss surgery, gastric bypass and lap-band surgeries are typically the most traditional options. Is a tummy tuck another surgical option, even for those who may be obese?

While a tummy tuck, formally known as abdominoplasty, will never replace good nutrition and exercise, recent research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that it can actually be effective for long-term weight loss, though not to the extent of the aforementioned surgical procedures.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that gets rid of excess abdominal fat and excess abdominal skin. It is possible to have an effective tummy tuck done when the patient is obese.

Furthermore, a tummy tuck surgery may also lead to significant and long-term weight loss. How does a tummy tuck lead to long-term weight loss, even for obese patients? Researchers believe that the tummy tuck procedure leads to the patient more easily feeling full after eating. This may be a result of neuroendocrine mechanisms that can be helpful in promoting weight loss.

The tummy tuck surgical procedure in and of itself also provides weight loss. On average, the amount of excess abdominal skin and fat removed weighs about five pounds. The study mentioned above also suggested that significant and sustained weight loss was more likely in the patients who had a greater amount of excess abdominal skin and fat removed.

Remember, however, that Dr. Petersen will make the final call on whether or not your body will successfully handle an abdominoplasty. While a tummy tuck might help you lose weight immediately and over time, it should never precede your best efforts to get your weight under control.

The ideal tummy tuck patient at our Salt Lake City office has little to no health problems, and wishes to remove loose abdominal skin or a deposit of fat. If you’re on a weight loss plan, you should be nearing your goal weight before having the operation.