Tummy Tuck Salt Lake City

Tummy Tuck Success Story Salt Lake City, Utah

This is an essay written by one of my patients. She was so struck by her experience she turned to social media. She posted this essay on her facebook page and ours. She was nervous about what people would think. But she was also so excited she couldn’t hold back. She got so many supportive comments that we thought we would share this one woman’s experience with you all.

“Getting a tummy tuck changed my life. Before you decide I am a shallow person that is too lazy to loose inches and get fit the more “natural way” let me tell you my story.

I found out I was diabetic just before getting pregnant with my first child and was warned by doctors weight could become an issue. But being a size 7/8 pant, I thought weight would never be a problem for me. It hadn’t been all my life.

Tragically, I put on exactly 97 lbs with my first baby. Breastfeeding helped take some baby weight off, but I never got rid of my stomach. My abdomen was so stretched out that it even had a split down the center (you know what I am talking about).

I was left with sagging, wrinkly skin. I had 2 choices, keep the muffin top so that my skin looked suppler or lose the weight and have a wrinkled old man on my stomach.

What was the point of exercising when those were my options?

It has been 7 weeks since my surgery and I decided to be brave enough to buy a pair of jeans.

I haven’t bought a pair of jean in about 8 years. Why? Because jeans make muffin tops even worse and to hide my muffin top I needed a larger pant size which made everything look wrong. Swimsuits and jeans are brutal on the self-esteem.

I swallowed hard, walked into the store, and decided to give it a shot. I grabbed the first pair of jeans in my size (11/12) and headed for a dressing room.

When I put on the jeans they fit like a glove and I couldn’t believe that my very first pair of jeans looked amazing. The saleswoman said they looked perfect on me and asked if I would like to try them in a different color. She came back carrying a size 7/8! Politely I said, “These won’t fit, although it would be awesome if they did.”

She laughed and said, “They DO fit. You’re wearing a 7/8 now!”

My heart fluttered like I was in a dream and hoped I would never wake up. I stood, stunned. Could this be true? After a decade, is a 7/8 a reality for me? Sometimes we just give up on the dream, you know?

I tried on 5 more pair of pants just to reaffirm that the saleswoman wasn’t a liar or this wasn’t all a mistake. (Wouldn’t you?) The funny thing about surgical weight loss is that you literally have to catch up mentally to your new size.

So the miracle of it all is that I look as amazing as I feel, and I am not imprisoned by low self-esteem.

If you are suffering like I was, if you just want to recognize yourself in the mirror again or feel comfortable in your own skin, consider NuVista Plastic Surgery. Their staff is warm and understanding and Dr. Petersen has a gift of healing. Thank you Dr. Petersen for giving me my life back in so many, many ways!!!”

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