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Stubborn Love Handles Meet Their Match in Coolsculpting

We don’t all have time to spend two hours a day at the gym to get the perfect body. In fact, very few of us do. That means that we are often stuck with some stubborn fat deposits that are essentially impossible to get rid of.

They used to be impossible to get rid of, would be more accurate to say. A new procedure called Coolsculpting is getting a lot of buzz in the media and in the wellness world, for its ability to target certain fat deposits on the body and improve one’s figure.

This novel procedure works through cold temperatures. The machine gently chills fat deposits in the targeted areas, and some of the fat cells die naturally, while everything else is unharmed, due to the different natures of the surrounding tissue. Once the fat cells die, they are removed naturally through the body’s own waste removal systems.

Over the next few months, patients begin to notice their bulges significantly decrease, meaning they look better in everything from swim suits to jeans to dresses.

Of course this procedure is no cure for obesity. And it isn’t a tummy tuck either. That is why many people love Coolsculptting so much; it is so non-invasive, so quick and painless.

And, it is able to target specific areas of the body. Love handles tend to be particularly stubborn, and the Coolsculpting machine can direct its power directly on love handles. The device uses suction to attach onto the targeted area of a patient’s body.

The discomfort is minimal, and patients can read or watch a movie while the procedure is taking place. In fact, some people get the procedure done during their lunch hour. There’s no recovery time, no lasting side effects, and very little to worry about due to the non-invasive nature of the science.

So come in and lose those curves that you’ve never wanted.