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Satisfaction Rates of Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a heavily debated hot topic in our society, and breast augmentation tops the list when it comes to most popular and most talked-about plastic surgeries.

Many tout the benefits of breast augmentation, but can all the praise be trusted? After all, breast augmentation, and other breast enhancement surgeries, most often require incisions, and leave scars. Is it really worth it?

There is no more reliable source to look to for answers to these questions than the women who’ve undergone the very procedures we’re talking about. Surveys show that women who’ve undergone breast augmentation are overwhelmingly satisfied with their results.

Just this year, a survey of women who’d undergone breast augmentation found that 98 percent of these women said the results met or exceeded their expectations. The results of the study were published in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

This speaks to the modern state of plastic surgery. Those certified by the ASPS provide precise and quality results that satisfy almost all women. The survey asked these women questions about recovery, complications, psychological effects and more, for five years after the surgery.

Only one percent of the women expressed dissatisfaction with the scars, and the overwhelming majority said their new breast size was exactly right.

Interestingly, the survey also found that these women experienced psychological benefits. More than 90 percent of the women, for example, reported improved self-esteem after the surgery. Most of the women reported an improved quality of life. The survey also found that before the surgery, 86 percent of women were self-conscious about their breasts.

Another study published in October showed that the benefits of breast enlargement or enhancement extend to sexual health. Sexuality is an important part of one’s quality of life.

“While many studies focus on the success of treatment from a clinical or surgeon’s perspective,” said David Reath, MD, ASPS Public Education Committee chair, “this study further proves that a woman’s satisfaction with her breasts, and breast augmentation, is directly tied to her femininity and sexuality.”