Breast Augmentation Utah

Safer Breast Augmentation


Many women often wonder how safe breast augmentation truly is. While any kind of surgery has risks, saline and silicone breast implants are proven to be safe and are FDA approved. Furthermore, there are a few different methods of inserting the implant into the breast—some of which have certain advantages over older methods.

One of these methods is called transaxillary breast augmentation. This technique involves making a small one-inch incision under the armpit through which the implant is placed. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about transaxillary breast augmentation.

What is the advantage of the armpit incision for breast enhancement surgery?

The biggest advantage that the armpit incision offers to patients is that it prevents scars on the breast while not damaging or cutting through the breast tissue when the breast implants are placed underneath the muscle. When the armpit scar heals it is barely visible and often blends in the natural crease of the armpit.

Is it more difficult to have the implants placed through the armpit?

Actually, it is easier. Most board certified plastic surgeons agree that it is easier to enter behind the pectoral muscle and create the pocket for the implant when entering through the armpit incision. The dissection of the breast pocket can completed with the assistance of the endoscope, which aids the surgeon in placing the implants with great precision.

Is the armpit incision more painful or more dangerous?

Simply put, no. A board certified plastic surgeon cannot guarantee that the procedure will only produce so much, because pain with breast augmentation surgery will always vary from patient to patient. Typically, any discomfort lasts about 1 to 2 days and is well controlled with pain relief medications. Furthermore, the pain is not unique to the armpit incision—there will be some discomfort no matter what technique is used.

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