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Recovering From Plastic Surgery

The choice to get plastic surgery, of whatever variety, is a big one. It can also be an important one for many people, helping them feel better about themselves and their appearance. An important question for many people deciding on plastic surgery is recovery time and the recovery process in general.

Recovery is different for every procedure. For some procedures, like Coolsculpting, you can come during your lunch break and be back to work that afternoon. Surgical procedures, like tummy tucks and breast implants, are of course much different.

Surgical procedures involve incisions, which of course demand a certain amount of time for healing. At NuVista Plastic Surgery, we try to use the best, most advanced techniques, so that recovery is as quick as possible. It is important that your Utah plastic surgeon is well experienced, as the method for incision and performing the procedure can affect your recovery.

Following a surgery like tummy tuck, bandages are applied and compressed to minimize swelling and speed healing. Even after incisions may have healed on the surface, you may have to wear a compression garment and live with redistricted activity for several weeks.  There will be similar steps for other plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Petersen in Salt Lake City will give you specific instruction on how to care for your body after surgery.

It is important that you remain patient in this recovery time. Give your body time to adjust to the changes, and to heal properly.

Jumping too fast into exercise and other normal activities can negatively affect healing. Make sure you follow the plastic surgeon’s directions in everything. For breast augmentation surgery, for example, you generally need to wait about three weeks before beginning to exercise.

Are you going to feel pain during the recovery period? Probably some.  But if you take the right precautions and follow instructions, pain will be lessened and risks of infection and scaring will be minimized. Some medication will be given for the recovery period to counter potential pain and infection.

For tummy tucks and breast augmentation, recovery will last for weeks. There may be some swelling initially, and this sometimes worries patients. But surgical incisions heal with time, as does any swelling.

Directly after surgery, there is generally a recovery period of one to two days. Plastic surgery is a process that can take quite a bit of time. The exact time of recovery depends on the person, their surgical history, age, and a number of other factors.