Preparing for Breast Augmentation

How To Prepare For A Breast Augmentation Procedure in Utah

There are a lot of things you can do to make the big day of your breast augmentation less stressful. Good preparation can also help you have a quicker recovery time, and be more satisfied with the overall process.

Here are some tips from Salt Lake City’s Dr. Petersen.

1. Figure Out Transportation

Find someone who you can rely on to bring you to and from the plastic surgery procedure. Make sure he or she is reliable! You will also need transportation the next morning to come back for your follow up visit. You will be taking pain medication and will not be able to drive yourself.

2. Figure Out What Medications You Might Need

Dr. Petersen will recommend that you take an oral antibiotic. Some people react to general anesthesia with nausea, so he will prescribe something for that too, just in case. Directly after the surgery, you will need pain medication. It is no fun to wait for pain medication when you hurt right now. For a breast augmentation in Dr.Petersen’s office he prescribes an antibiotic, an anti-nausea medication, and a pain medication. The anti-biotic and nausea medications can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice electronically and you can pick them up ahead of your surgery. The pain medication is a narcotic and cannot be sent to the pharmacy electronically. Arrange with Dr. Petersen’s office to pick that paper prescription ahead of time, or have your driver pick up that prescription while you are in surgery. They will need to show their driver’s license at the pharmacy.

Another note about medications: some can thin your blood and you do not want to have extra bleeding during or after your plastic surgery procedure. It is required by Dr. Petersen at all of his breast augmentation patients avoid blood-thinning medication like aspirin, Motrin, Advil, ibuprofen, etc. for a couple weeks before and after surgery. Ask Dr. Petersen about what medications should and shouldn’t be involved in your procedure.

3. Get Peace of Mind

Make sure you and Dr. Petersen have communicated clearly about what size and type of implant you want, and other important factors. It can help ease the tension of day to know that you and your plastic surgeon are on the same page! Dr. Petersen will have gone over all these things previously with you, including incision choice and location of the breast implant. Feel free to review things with him.

4. Have a Post-Procedure Game Plan

Dr. Petersen will also go over how to take care of yourself after getting breast implants or after receiving any breast enhancement procedure. Some things to consider are ice for reducing swelling and pain, and post-op bras. Bring baggy, comfortable, dark clothes for the day of breast implant surgery. Make sure that your shirt closes in the from because you won’t be able to pull anything over your head after surgery.