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Plastic Surgery For Mothers

Pregnancy presents a number of challenges and changes for women. Some are welcome changes, while many others are not so welcome. Most women understand that their bodies will undergo some drastic changes, but the extent of some of these changes is hard to foresee. Consequently, cosmetic surgery is quickly becoming a popular choice for women who want to restore their self-confidence and feel comfortable again in their own skin.

 Stretch marks, extra skin, sagging breasts, and pesky baby weight are just a few of the changes women struggle with after pregnancy. Seasoned moms and new mothers do their best to regain their pre-baby form with diet and exercise, but sometimes life is not very accommodating. Older kids have places to be, little babies require constant attention, and sometimes there are changes you just can’t do anything about.

 So, what do you do? More and more mothers are finding the answer in Mommy Makeovers, which commonly include tummy tucks for excess skin around the abdominal region, breast lifts and breast augmentation to restore a youthful shape to the breasts, and liposuction around the stomach, hips and lower back.

 Carrying a baby stretches the abdominal muscles and sometimes creates pockets of fat that are difficult to get rid of. It is very common for liposuction to be performed during the tummy tuck procedure to ensure a smooth and flat abdomen and contoured waistline. A tummy tuck with liposuction is a great way to flatten the abdomen and remove excess skin and fat from the area of the stomach.

 Breast-feeding can cause some serious changes to a woman’s breasts. Women have reported shrinking from a healthy C-cup to a small A-cup after breast-feeding. In other cases, breasts droop or sag, losing their youthful shape. In these cases, we often recommend a breast lift, breast augmentation, or sometimes both.

 If you’re dissatisfied with your figure and the changes that pregnancy has worked on your body, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding these mommy makeover procedures.