natural looking breast implants

Natural Looking Breast Enlargement

Gone are the days when breast implants meant unnaturally large breasts that look fake. Women today realize that more often than not, the natural look is the best one.

Many women don’t even consider breast implants or breast enhancement of any kind because of the negative stereotype that has been attached to those who have these kinds of plastic surgeries. The truth is that many women achieve not only a beautiful silhouette, but a natural one.

Dr. J. Dayne Petersen will be able to guide through the process of choosing the best breast size for your body. In the initial consultation, he’ll go over all the sizing and procedural issues involved with the surgery.  Dr. Petersen will take measurements to help make sure the size you choose is a size that fits your frame.  Many women who push for a size too large for their frame end up feeling self-conscious because the end result makes them look heavy, which can give a false appearance of being overweight.

Size isn’t the only important factor in achieving a natural look. Proportion is also important. This is one reason why you’ll want a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Petersen doing your surgery. The appropriate training and years of experience can make all the difference in the end result. Remember that achieving a natural look isn’t easy: you’ll want an experienced professional to guide you through the process.

Many women mistakenly assume that breast implants and breast enlargement is only for women who want really large breasts. But what about the women who feel self-conscious about the small or disproportionate size of their breasts? Many women simply want to find the look that helps them feel more natural. In many cases, the results after breast plastic surgery look more natural than the look before. Maybe we can blame the celebrities for the sexualization of breast enlargement, or augmentation. For many women breast surgery is more of a reconstruction, an attempt to look not voluptuous, but average.

Another factor in the procedure is the placement of the implant. Implants can either be placed below the breast tissue, or partly under the pectoral muscle. And then there is the profile of the implant, which changes the appearance of the breast.  Dr. Petersen will show you a drawing of various breast profiles and have you choose which look you are trying to achieve. This helps Dr. Petersen decipher your definition of a natural looking result.

Natural looking breast enlargement is an achievable goal at NuVista Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah.