Dr. Dayne Petersen Carries On High Standards of Dr. Russell V. Young

Russell V. Young MDDr. Russell Young, a University of Utah graduate, who faithfully served the plastic surgery community in Salt Lake dr young plastic surgery logoCity for more than 30 years, unexpectedly passed away in 2012. Before this unhappy and sudden loss, Dr. Young hand-picked Dr. Dayne Petersen to be a partner in his Salt Lake City practice.

Dr. Petersen assumed responsibility for Dr. Young’s practice and sees all of Dr. Young’s patients, and secures all Dr. Young patient records. In this time of transition, many of Dr. Young’s patients have come to see Dr. Petersen and have been very pleased by Dr. Petersen’s affable demeanor and attention to their care.

Dr. Petersen performs all of the same surgical procedures as Dr. Young, including the transaxillary approach to breast augmentation (through an armpit incision so there are no scars on the breast). Following in Dr. Young’s footsteps, he performs more transaxillary breast augmentations than anyone in the area and continues to have people come to him for that procedure from all over the United States. Dr. Petersen also performs other approaches to breast augmentation, so he can tailor the surgical procedure to what works best for each patient. Additionally, Dr. Petersen does numerous tummy tucks, facial procedures, and body contouring surgeries every year.

An award winning, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Petersen has gained the assurance of many new Salt Lake City patients. Many Dr. Young patients have referred their friends and family members to him with confidence.

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Carrying on the tradition of the highest quality of plastic surgery, Dr. Petersen is located in Dr. Young’s old office. The name of the Dr. Petersen’s practice is Nuvista Plastic Surgery.

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