Meet Our Staff to help you feel a little more comfortable when you come in for your personal consultation.  People go through a lot of different emotions when thinking about plastic surgery.  You might just be really excited, or you might be down right scared.  Our staff will help you though it all: the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  Get to know us first and it will help us to get to know you better.

Jasmine is our Patient Care Coordinator and a trained E.M.T. She is bold and friendly and full of laughter. She sincerely wants to help you feel your best. She will guide you through making your appointments and answering your questions. You will know her by her polite demeanor and gentle eyes. She loves to take her cute son to arcades and in the Summer you’ll find her at lagoon every weekend! She is fun loving, determined, and beautiful! Some weekends you will find her walking the runways in L.A. or N.Y. but at heart she will always be a Utah girl! That’s why we love her.



Halisa, R.N. and OR Manager


Halisa is an R.N. and our O.R. Manager.  She assists Dr. Petersen in Clinic and in Surgery. She leads the first part of many surgical consultations.  She is the first person to come into your room and speak with you.  She will find out about your medical history and review your surgical procedure.  She gets all the information Dr. Petersen needs so that his time with you can be focused on talking about your desired goals and your particular cosmetic needs.  She will get to know you a little bit and find out how you are feeling.  Be honest with her and she can help you talk through your fears and questions.

Halisa is also our Operating Room Manager.  She keeps everything you need for surgery stocked and orders anything you might need specifically for your surgical circumstances.  She runs the place with clean, efficient attention to detail. She can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about an implant or what to expect after your injectable.  She is smart as a whip and nothing gets by her.  But she is also friendly and her laughter keeps us humming through our surgical day.

Ali, C.N.A. & Aesthetician

Ali is both a C.N.A. and an Aesthetician. She knows both things medical and things beautiful. Ask her about the skin care products in our office and how they can improve all your problem areas. We love the Epionce line and once Ali gets you set up you can even purchase the products online with our office code with special VIP status. For the ever crucial sun protection we love Elta MD facial sun screen. Ali can tell you all about why sun screen is not just for summertime anymore!

Ali is smart and kind and she has jumped into our office with both feet. She will guide you through your office experience and make you feel at home. You will be drawn into her genuine sweet demeanor.  She not only runs the front to keep us on track, but she also assists Dr. Petersen in the operating room. She is a multi talented lady.

Melinda, M.S.--Business Manager

Melinda, M.S.–Business Manager


Melinda is the Business Manager and general “Office Mom.”  She keeps us in line and the lights turned on.  She also makes sure we eat on long surgery days. You may find her assisting Dr. Petersen in clinic on occasion, but you are more likely to hear her sparkling voice on the phone.  She used to be an instructor by trade and that has served our office well in that she is great at explaining anything–from surgical procedures to client accounts. Her background in psychology helps her understand not only her lovable staff, but also what patients are experiencing through their surgical journey.

Melinda is an accomplished author and it is generally her voice you’ll hear in our social media and advertising.  Interact with her on facebook and website posts.  You’ll find her humorous and engaging. She can surprise you with a funny quip and she keeps us laughing and on our toes.  That is one of the great things about our office.  You will usually find laughter ringing in the air.  We love our jobs.  We take your health very seriously.  But we want you to have a fun and exciting transformational experience with Dr. Petersen’s cosmetic talents. And we believe that fun should begin from the moment you walk in.  Let us put you at ease.

Amanda, R.N.--Recovery Room

Amanda, R.N.–Recovery Room

Amanda is one of our Recovery Room Nurses in our Operating Suite. She will ease you from your surgery slumber with all the gentleness of an angel. Amanda is sweet and kind.  She is like your mom taking care of you during a sick day from school. Amanda is a super mom in her own right with adorable kids.  She will talk to you about all the things you love while pulling you from dream land.  She wants you to be a comfortable as possible and will try so very hard to fill your every need.  We love having Amanda’s sparkling giggle fill our hallways.


Come in and get to us! We can’t wait to get to know you. Let us help you See Yourself From a New Perspective!